Cablebugs American Dream



On Monday 26/06/17 Mary our Sales and Marketing Director flew out to Florida to go to HSN HQ and sell Cablebugs LIVE on Tv.

In front of 90 million people !!

We have been working for this opportunity for the best part of a year now.

We are SO pleased to finally tell you all what it was like.

Cablebugs American Dream The Cable Label Company

American dreams segment on HSN Monday 26/06/17






Firstly we got the opportunity to be on a prime time slot with Randi Zuckerberg and Adam Freeman.

On the Monday Night Show. This was BIG stuff as they have an average of 90 million people who view this!

Being at HSN was such a surreal experience and something we will cherish as a business forever.


Click the link below to view the video. 🙂