Cablebugs American Dream



On Monday 26/06/17 Mary our Sales and Marketing Director flew out to Florida to go to HSN HQ and sell Cablebugs LIVE on Tv.

In front of 90 million people !!

We have been working for this opportunity for the best part of a year now.

We are SO pleased to finally tell you all what it was like.

American dreams segment on HSN Monday 26/06/17

American dreams segment on HSN Monday 26/06/17






Firstly we got the opportunity to be on a prime time slot with Randi Zuckerberg and Adam Freeman.

On the Monday Night Show. This was BIG stuff as they have an average of 90 million people who view this!

Being at HSN was such a surreal experience and something we will cherish as a business forever.


Click the link below to view the video. 🙂



Cablebugs- In business info magazine

In early October we managed to bag a space in Business info news- this was a great opportunity to get in front of an audience who specifically work in offices, run businesses and have an interest in office supplies.

Read more here.



The Team at The Cable Label Co


cablebug-press-release-business-mag press-release-sept

Cablebugs Rocket into space!



In our time as the leading manufacturers of Cable Labels in the UK, we have had some pretty impressive (if not very random) customers.

We are always surprised when a “cool” customer buys from us but this company really took us back.

The Austrian Space Station brought some Cablebugs from us!

We cheekily got in touch and asked if we could find out a bit more. It turns out that Cablebugs were being used in the actual space suits. (This is why we have no photos- classified stuff!)

We don’t know for sure- but we have an inkling this may be part of the project where they land the first astronauts on Mars.


Here is what Michael Müller had to say about our product:

“I am responsible for hardware task at the space suit simulators of the Austrian Space Forum. It was I among others who suggested using your product. We have already implemented your product into the suits and we are delighted by the outcome. Your product is one of few that fulfilled our expectations concerning cable labeling and we are looking forward to using it again.”

cablebugs-in-space mars-spacesuit







You can see in these images that they clearly use a lot of cabling in their work. This is probably why Cablebugs were the right solution for them- organisation, security and identification.


3 things that are key in all areas of our lives. ( Even in space!)


Buy yours now.


The Team at The Cable Label Co