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Cable Labels

We at the co-operative wanted to create a new concept of a user friendly comms cabinet, one where staff and colleagues in store would easily be able to navigate their way around with the help of the support teams in the event of comms failures. After trawling the internet and consumable suppliers for solutions, we came across the CableLableCo and their product. This was exactly what we needed. The labels were a good size and had the facility to be written on or a label attached, the tension on the gates was enough to grip but not rip the ethernet leads and the colours matched the choices of ethernet leads so we could effectively colour code our cabinets depending on devices. After an overwhelming response from the Store Managers, Ops Managers and Senior Management, we are now rolling out the comms cabinets to all 3000 of our stores and the Cablebugs from CableLabelCo are one of the most important parts of this project.

Damian Milnes – Senior IT Hardware Analyst from the CoOperative Food Group

Cable Labels

We work for a major accountants where risk is paramount everything has to be labelled and clear and when it comes to patch leads only the cablebug does that and over the last year using these in a live environment no mistakes have been made which says it all.

Nick Graves – The Cabling Group

Cable Labels

CableBug is one of those delightfully simple things that can make such a huge difference. It does exactly what you expect, labels cables, and you don’t realise how important that is until you’re faced with a dozen cables and you don’t know where any of them go. It’s easy to use, it’s neat and it’s flexible – if you need to change any wiring you can just take the label off one cable and put it on the next. CableBug makes the job a lot easier.

Robin Seabrook – Hawk-Eye Innovations Ltd


The first thing that struck me when I opened the packaging was the wide array of colours that it came in. This was great for me as I knew I had 3 different cable categories in my head that these would fit into perfectly.

I decided that the red ones were to be used for plugs that simply shouldn’t be removed, the green for any charging cable and white for pretty much all my kitchen appliances.

I took my first Cablebug out of the pack and inserted the appliance wire into the clip, straight away it made perfect sense where the cable was to lie and I might add that it sat perfectly within the grips inside the product.

I then closed the product over by clipping both open ends together and wrote, using a permanent pen, what the appliance was on a dedicated clear area.

John McKenzie – Land of Technology


These are fantastic little tags, easy to use and clear. My only problem now is identifying all the leads in the first place!

Elaine Wilders


I have used these before and both the large and small are very useful. They fit cables well and the space for writing on is enough for normal notation. A very good product and I will buy more when I have used all of these.

M Sharpe


I am hooked, I love them, and I have them on all my cables running from sockets and the computer. The wide choice of colours made them an instant hit for me

Peter Atkinson


If you are like me and have mounds of spaghetti, these are great for marking which cable belongs to which piece of equipment – so easy, can’t understand why I never thought of buying these before.

L Redvers